Fitband Touch FAQ



    The first thing you need to do is download the Actiiv App. Next, you will be prompted to created an account, or log in with an existing account.


    If you are creating a new account, as soon as you press the green ‘check mark’ button, you will be prompted to select the device you wish to pair. Select Fitband Touch.




















    If you have an existing account, go to the menu (swipe the home screen to the right or press on the icon at the top left that is 3 horizontal lines) and select ‘pair device’.


    Next you will be prompted through the following:

    Charge your Fitband Touch:

    1. Line up the gold dots on the underside of the Fitband Touch with the gold prongs in the charging cradle, close the cradle completely (the latch needs to be completely slid to the right).
    2. Plug the cradle into the cord and the cord into a USB power outlet (computer or wall unit).
    3. When you see your Fitband Touch’s screen light up you will know that it is charging correctly.


    Enter Pairing Code:

    Double tap your Fitband Touch’s screen to see a 4 digit pairing code. If you don’t see the code right away, swipe to the left or right. Still don't see the 4 digit code? If you see time/date or activity counts for steps and other activity appear on your Fitband Touch, you will need to factory reset the Fitband Touch: swipe to the left of the time/date screen to select Apps>swipe to the second Apps screen to select settings (gear icon)>swipe 4 screens to the right to select Factory Reset>tap the check mark to confirm. Enter the characters you see on your Fitband Touch display into the appropriate fields on the Actiiv App. Bring your Touch, still plugged in, as close to your smart phone/tablet as possible. Press the “next” button on the Actiiv App to start the pairing process.



    The Fitband Touch will go through 4 steps to completely connect - activating bluetooth, identifying device, contacting server and registering account.


    Bluetooth Pairing Request:

    To allow your Fitband Touch to receive incoming calls and text messages from your smart phone or tablet, you will see a pop up, asking you if you want to pair with a device. The device ID will be much longer than the 4 digits you just entered, but as long as the device name starts with an “H”, you are pairing with the correct device. Tap on “pair” on the pop up to continue the syncing process.


    If you have trouble pairing your Fitband Touch try the following troubleshooting steps:

    • Remove the Fitband Touch from the cradle and replace it.
    • Turn your phone/tablet's airplane mode off and on.
    • Force quit/restart the app and reset the Band with a paperclip (the Fitband Touch must be plugged in and charging).
    • On Android? Try clearing the data cache from the Actiiv App on your phone’s app manager.
    • Restart your phone.


    Once your Fitband Touch is connected to your account, we always check to make sure you have the latest and greatest firmware. If you need an update,
    it should start automatically. Be sure to keep your Band plugged in and charging, and close to your phone/tablet.


    If you have trouble pairing your band, make sure the
    band is plugged in and charging, your phone/tablet's Bluetooth is ON, and your phone/tablet is connected
    to a reliable WiFi/cellular data signal, try the following
    troubleshooting steps:

    • Remove the band from the cradle and replace it
    • Turn your phone/tablet's airplane mode on and off
    • Force quit the app. Methods for force quitting an app vary across different phone/tablet platforms. Generally, double clicking the home button on your phone/tablet will bring up apps currently running
      in the background. Swiping up in iOS generally force quits an app, while swiping right/left in Android generally force quits the app.
    • Reset the band with a paperclip (the band must
      be plugged in and charging)
    • On Android? Try clearing the data cache from
      the app on your phone’s app manager


    Still not pairing? Follow these steps in order:

    • Delete the app, restart your phone/tablet and reinstall the app from the App/Google Play store. Note: deleting the app will not delete the data associated with your account.
    • Reset the band using a paperclip.
    • Log into the app and go through the pairing process again.

    Your Fitband Touch responds to several different

    finger motions:

    • Double tap the screen or side of the Fitband Touch to turn on the screen. (Some people have even had success snapping their fingers twice, give it a try!)
    • Tap the screen to select.
    • Swipe the screen to scroll through different screens. You can swipe in both directions.


    You'll notice several different screens on your Fitband Touch as you scroll from left to right:

    • When the Fitband Touch is turned on, a time/date screen will appear.
    • To the right of the time/date screen you will see your activity stat screens for steps, miles, calories and active minutes.
    • To the left of the time/date screen or to the right of the active minutes screen you will see the Apps screen. This allows you to access the various apps on your Touch.


    (Hint: to access the Apps screen instantly, simply turn on the Touch and tap and hold for roughly a second on any screen displayed)


    Now, what do all these symbols mean in the Apps screen - let's walk through each one!


    The walking man - brings you to your activity stats screens for steps, miles etc.


    The moon - allows you to turn on and off sleep tracking.

    The speech bubble - displays recent notifications received on the device.


    The home - takes you back to the time/date screen.

    The music note - allows you to control music.


    The gear - accesses the settings screens of the device and shows you all sorts of useful info like current battery percentage. This section of the device is mostly used for troubleshooting issues, so there's no need to get too acquainted with this.


    Fresh out of the box? That’s a bummer. Sometimes our Bands get so excited sitting on the shelf, waiting to be bought, they run out of all their juice. They will need a long rest in their charging cradle before they can perk up again. Oh and to be clear, the charging cradle needs
    to be plugged in.


    Plugged in but still no lights? Don’t give up yet! Give it a little poke in the cradle reset button with a paperclip. Don’t use a thumbtack though! Our Bands don’t respond well to sharp objects.


    You might have a bum USB cord- you can check this by plugging the cord into any other devices you have lying around that use micro USB (think e-readers or certain phones). If your cord doesn’t work then let us know.


    If the Fitband Touch turns on when plugged in but you're not sure how to turn it on when unplugged, try double-tapping the side of the Touch to turn on the screen.


    Still nothing? Please contact us for further support.


    Once you have paired your device with your phone or tablet, you are ready to start using notifications!

    If you haven't yet paired your device, please follow the steps above


    If you’re ready to set up notification, follow the steps below:

    • Open your Actiiv phone app.

    • Tap on your Fitband Touch device to open 'Device Info'.

    • Tap on 'Settings'.

    • You should see a screen that allows you to swipe on/off notifications for various features on your phone.

    • You can swipe to green to turn a notification on, and to grey/white to turn it off.


    First things first: are you connected to your phone's Bluetooth? In most cases a simple check of your Bluetooth connection will correct this issue. To check if you’re connected, follow the below:



    • Go to 'settings' and find ‘Bluetooth’
    • You will see a very long device ID (14 digits to be precise), starting with the letter H. This number is your Fitband Touch ID number
    • Next to the ID, it should say "connected" or 'not paired"
    • If it says 'not paired' tap on the word and your phone will automatically try to connect to your device
    • Lastly, don’t forget to ensure your device is charged!



    • Go to settings and find ‘Bluetooth’
    • You should see a list of paired devices, as well as a list of available devices
    • Ideally you will see a long ID number starting with H under the “pair devices” area
    • If you see this ID under 'available devices' tap on the ID, and your phone will automatically try to connect
    • Don’t forget to ensure your device is charged!


    Once you are sure you are connected to your phone's Bluetooth, you may need to restart your Fitband Touch. To do this, follow the guide below:


    • Give the screen a firm double tap to turn on your Fitband Touch.
    • Swipe to "apps" and tap to select
    • Swipe through the app carousel to the settings icon
    • Tap to select and swipe through the options until you see 'restart?'
    • Once you see reset, tap to select, and tap on the check mark to confirm


    If you continue to have difficulty receiving notifications, you can try the following troubleshooting steps:

    • Restart your phone
    • Force quit the app from running in the background, and relaunch
    • Remove the Fitband Touch from your account and re-pair following the above steps.



    If you still see your device as "Connected" in your iPhone app, but you're no longer getting notifications from your phone, here's a quick way to get them back!


    1.  Quit the app
    2.  Go into Settings > Bluetooth on your phone.
    3.  Look for a 20 digit string of characters that starts with H - that's going to be your device.
    4.  Tap the blue "i", and "forget device"
    5.  Restart the app, and try again.


    If you're interested in the details - on iOS, there are two connections made from your device to your phone. One of them is the generic bluetooth connection that keeps the device paired, and the other is a connection that Apple uses for messaging/notifications. Sometimes your phone can drop this second connection while staying connected via Bluetooth. Following the above steps should get your phone and your device happily working together again!


    While the Activity Fitband does begin tracking your distance traveled when you first pair it with the app,
    some adjustments may need to be made to ensure distance activity is being tracked accurately.


    As a general reference, distance data is calculated using three factors:

    • number of recorded steps
    • speed of those steps
    • set stride length.


    The adjustable aspect of this formula is stride length, which can be changed to any number of inches/centimeters* (unit preferences visible in app settings) under user settings visible in the app menu (3 bar icon
    on the upper left).


    Stride length is set automatically based on your entered height when you create your account, but this auto-setup isn't always accurate. To accurately set stride length, lay a tape measure on the ground stretched out several feet, then take a normal step measuring from the front of the rear foot to the front of the other foot. Enter your measured stride length into the adjustable function in user settings, and you're all set! As always, if there are any questions regarding stride length and distance data that haven't been answered, feel free to contact us.


    Is your stride shorter than 2 feet and you're using the iOS app? Stride length in the iOS app can currently only be set to a minimum distance of 2 feet, but not to worry though - there is a workaround for this:

    • Under app settings visible in the app menu,
      select unit preferences and change this
      to kilograms and kilometers.
    • Next go into user settings (in the app menu)
      and change your stride length to the equivalent stride length in centimeters.
    • Finally, go back to app settings and change units back to pounds and miles.


    You'll notice your stride length now displays correctly.


    If you’re an Android user:

    Pairing the Actiiv Fitband Touch to your account should automatically set up your Fitband Touch device to start receiving messages. You can double check the Fitband Touch settings by tapping on the Fitband Touch device tile in the App and ensuring the notifications are turned 'on'.


    If you’re an iOS user:

    Your phone or tablet needs to recognize your Actiiv Fitband Touch device as a Bluetooth accessory. During your initial set-up, you should have come across a pop up from on your phone asking if you wanted to pair a device comprising 14 digits and starting with H. This is your devices ID number.


    If you did not see this pop up, or just want to double check, go to your phone or tablet’s settings, and select Bluetooth. You should be able to see your Fitband Touch’s ID (14 digits, starting with H) under ‘devices’.


    If it’s listed as ‘connected’ you are ready to receive text messages!


    If your device is listed as ‘not connected’, tap on the ID number (in the App) to initiate the pairing.

    Remember that you’ll need to have your Fitband Touch close by, and may need to tap the display to wake it up.


    Feel free to leave it on in the shower, in the bath, in the rain... It's not waterproof, so please remember to take it
    off before swimming, diving, or snorkeling.


    Did it go through the washing machine? Eep! We hope

    it was the gentle cycle ;) Some users have reported their Activity Fitbands working just fine after this little dip.
    But before you try to charge your Band, let it dry completely (in a bowl of dry rice or a bag with some descant packs should do the trick) for a few days.


    The Fitband Touch will track steps taken, active minutes, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep.


    Steps are tracked using internal hardware to detect movement, and this movement is then determined to be a step (or not a step) based on a unique step tracking algorithm.


    Active minutes are calculated for any activity lasting 30 seconds or more. Any movement lasting less than 30 seconds will not count towards an active minute.

    Distance traveled is calculated using 3 factors: number of steps taken, speed of those steps, and set stride length. Stride length can be adjusted under user settings in the app menu.


    Calories are calculated using 4 factors: set weight and gender visible in user settings, the number of steps recorded, and the speed of those steps.


    Sleep is tracked using the same hardware used to track movement of the Touch. Asleep, restless and awake periods are based on intensity of movement ranging from no movement, very little movement to recorded steps (corresponds directly with asleep, restless and awake measurements).


    To view previously recorded data for all of these activities, simply select the tile for the desired activity on the app home screen. Here you'll see a graph appear showing previous data. Select the calendar icon on the upper right to change date view. Swipe left of right on the graph to scroll through previous days. Swipe left or right on the bottom portion showing activity count to scroll between graphs for each activity.


    Our Activity Fitband is pretty smart, but not smart enough to know when you are all tucked in for the night. Double tap your Band to sync with the app, then tap on the sleep mode bar at the top of the screen. See the toggle button next to that cute little moon? Tap the toggle button to start the clock.


    Once you wake up, sync your device again (double tap) and tap the toggle button once more.


    Did you forget to turn sleep mode off? Well that’s silly.
    But understandable. That’s why we programmed our Bands to automatically exit sleep mode once you walk more than 200 steps. You’re welcome!


    You can track your sleep duration and quality using the Fitband Touch. The Fitband Touch tracks three different levels of activity while you are sleeping: awake, restless and asleep.

    • 'Restless' activity is measured by general body movement, such as turning over, adjusting your pillow, punching your partner in the side to stop the snoring, etc.
    • ‘Asleep’ is when you are completely at rest, dreaming of sweet nothings.
    • ‘Awake’ is when you get up to go to the bathroom, take the dog out for a walk, or suddenly develop a sleep walking habit.


    Your Fitband Touch will continue to count steps while it is in Sleep mode, so you can be sure to get credit for those 25 steps to the bathroom each night.


    To put your Fitband Touch in sleep mode there are
    two options:

    1. From the app, double tap your Fitband Touch to sync with the app, then tap on the sleep mode bar at the top of the screen. See the toggle button next to the cute little moon? Tap the toggle button to start the clock. Once you wake up, sync your device again (double tap) and tap the toggle button.
    2. On the Fitband Touch, from the ‘apps’ screen (seen to the left of the time/date screen), tap on the moon icon. Tap on the check mark to start sleep mode.


    When you want to turn sleep mode off, double tap the screen and you will see a sleep timer. Tap on the icon to exit sleep. Next time the Fitband Touch is synced with the app via double tap, recorded sleep should display in the tile described below.


    To view recorded sleep, select the sleep tile (shows a moon) on the app home screen to view the daily sleep charts. For more information on how to read the daily sleep charts which display sleep quality data, reference the following article. To change the date view to a weekly or monthly view, tap the calendar icon on the upper right and select your preferred view.


    Your sleep data is recorded and displayed using the tiles and chart displays.


    Your sleep data is categorised as time awakened (RED), restlessness (LIGHT BLUE) and deep sleep (DARK BLUE).


    While pressing and holding the screen on your device, slide your finger left and right to see detailed sleep information. The sleep details by the minute feature is currently under development for the Android app.


    In addition to viewing your daily sleep with our charts, you can also view your data monthly and weekly using the calendar icon.


    Your Actiiv Fitband Touch can be adjusted for a firmer fit. Simply wrap the band further around your wrist and fasten at the desired fit.


    We tried, really we did. But technology hasn’t caught up with our hopes and dreams just yet.


    The gold dots on the underside of the Activity Fitband should be on the same side of your wrist as your thumb. For the most accurate step counting, please wear the Band on your non dominant hand.


    Your Actvity Fitband can store between 7-10 days worth of data.


    We recommend syncing every day (why risk it?) to make sure your data is safe and accurate. But if you are out of cell service, or you lost your phone while rescuing 100 tiny puppies from an abandoned well, or- well you get the happens, and for that reason, we put some extra space on the Actvity Fitband to keep your step history for a week.


    When you take your brand new device out of the box and get it charged up, you'll see some characters on your screen, like 0 0 3 D or similar - this is the pairing code that you'll use within the app to get your device hooked up to your phone/tablet.


    When you install the app and successfully create aaccount, you will be prompted to pair a device to the app. If you skipped over this initial prompt to pair, you can pair your Touch with the app from the app menu (appears as 3 bars on the top left) by selecting 'pair device'. During the pairing process, the app will ask you for a pairing code - this will be the four characters that are displayed on the screen of your device. Enter them into the app, and the final stage of the pairing process will start!


    Our Activity Fitbands come with a Lithium Ion rechargeable battery. Unfortunately, removing the battery would involve destroying the water tight seal of the Band, so the battery is not replaceable at this time.


    If you believe your battery is not functioning properly, please contact us and let us know!


    Depending on your use, the battery can last up to 5 days. On average, the battery lasts around 3 days.


    Your app will alert you when it detects your battery is low, and once you plug it in to charge, if your phone is nearby, the app will also alert you when it is fully charged! When plugged in to charge, the Activity Fitband will display all light bars with one green bar (all bars blinking) to signal that the Band is fully charged.


    Please contact us for any replacement items


    If you want to remove the Activity Fitband from your account, tap on the Activity Fitband tile from the app home screen. You will see the Activity Fitband info screen. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and you will see the option to “Deregister device”. Tap that button and follow the prompts to un-pair the Band from your account.


    Please note that removing the Activity Fitband from
    your account will also ‘hide’ the sleep data (tile and chart) from your account. Pairing a device that tracks sleep will restore the sleep data to your account.


    Removing your Activity Fitband may impact that day’s data, so we recommend un-pairing at the end of the day after your final sync, or first thing in the morning, before you have taken any steps.


    Once you un-pair your Activity Fitband, you can pair it again to your account by going to the app menu (3 horizontal bars at the top right of the app home screen) and tapping on ‘pair device’.


    To pair with your Activity Fitband and your Android phone must have Android 4.3 and newer. The phone
    must also possess Bluetooth low energy technology otherwise known as Bluetooth 4.0, and have a screen
    4 inches or larger.


    The only exposed metal are the gold colored charging contacts on the underside of the Activity Fitband.

    The charging contacts are made of an alloy which
    does not contain nickel.


    To be safe, we recommend syncing every day and letting our servers store all of your activity data. But we know that can’t always happen. So we built in a some extra memory space to hold up to seven days of data.


    When you are finally able to sync with the app, don’t be concerned if your history doesn’t update instantly. It may take a few hours to transfer all the data and update your charts and profile accordingly.


    Double tap your Fitband Touch’s screen to wake the device. Tap the screen to select. Swipe the screen to scroll through different screens. You can swipe in both directions.


    After you've successfully paired the Activity Fitband to your account, tap on the Activity Fitband device tile on the app home screen, then select Debug Info at the very bottom of the screen. You will see a list of various information:

    • Device ID: the unique ID for your specific Band.
    • Hardware version: the version of physical materials in the Band.
    • Software version: the current software on your Activity Fitband.
    • Radio version: the version of Bluetooth software.

    When a software update is available, your  will automatically start downloading it the next time it syncs with the app.


    Your Fitband Touch will need enough battery to complete the update, so it's always a good idea to have your Fitband Touch plugged into the charging cradle before you attempt the update.


    Make sure your phone/tablet is connected to a reliable internet connection when attempting to update the Fitband Touch.


    If your update is having trouble completing, it is possible that your Fitband Touch has some stray files saved on it, causing the update to stall. But not to worry! There are a few things you can do to reformat your Fitband Touch to successfully accept the update.


    First, force quit the app and do a factory reset on your Fitband Touch (instructions below). Make sure you have synced your current steps with the app, otherwise you will lose your current progress. You will then need to re-pair your device with the app. Once you do that, you should see the update prompt.


    Factory reset your Fitband Touch:  Double tap the
    Fitband Touch to turn the screen on. Swipe to the left of the time/date screen to "Apps", tap to select. Swipe through to the second Apps screen to the settings icon and tap to select. Swipe through the options until you
    see 'factory reset?', tap to select, and tap on the check mark to confirm.


    If factory resetting the Fitband Touch doesn't allow the update to go through, contact us for support.


    We estimate the calories you have burned based on
    your weight and level of activity (i.e. you will burn more calories if you are running versus walking). Calories are calculated using four factors: your set weight and gender, the number of steps you take, and the speed of
    those steps.


    We don’t include a calories estimator, or anything that assumes the calories you burned by simply breathing.


    Currently the Fitband Touch can only be connected to certain smartphones and tablets. Don't see your phone/tablet listed under our supported devices list? As long as the device meets the following requirements you should be able to connect to the Band:

    • Must have at least Android 4.3 or iOS 7.
      (iPhone excluded).
    • Must possess Bluetooth low energy technology a.k.a Bluetooth 4.0.
    • Must have at least a 4 inch screen.

    To manually reset your step, mile, calorie and minutes count, you will need to change your phone/tablet’s clock:

    • Change the clock to 11:58 pm
    • Launch the app and sync your Activity Fitband with the app (double tap the Band to prompt a sync)
    • Wait for 'midnight' or 12:00. The app should reset your activity to zero
    • After the app resets to zero, change your phone/tablet's clock back to it’s normal time zone
    • Finally, sync the Activity Fitband with the app


    If this problem happens continuously, please contact us


    See the current list of supported devices. Don't worry If your device is not on this list, don't give up hope! It may work, but this list is guaranteed to be compatible.

    • Our devices require BLE (Bluetooth low energy
      a.k.a Bluetooth 4.0) to connect to the Striiv App.
      BLE is only available in certain operating systems and phones.
    •  iOS requires 7.1 and higher
    • Android requires 4.3 and higher
    •  Your phone must also have a minimum 4-inch display, measured from the bottom left corner of the screen to the top right corner.


    Please note that the Fitband Touch does not sync with a computer. You must have a supported smartphone or tablet to be able to use the Fitband Touch.


    ‘Restart’ will simply power your Fitband Touch device off and back on whereas ‘Factory reset’ will wipe all the data and restore the Fitband Touch device to factory settings

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